Video Premiere: These People “Forces At Work”

These People is quite unique. Long Beach, NY band, fronted by songwriter and producer TJ Penzone, creates textures over rhythms that many wouldn’t think of combining. Penzone has been recording under this name since 2011 and has had a rotating cast of band members. He himself has always been the only constant band member. It would have to be this way, considering the music, his vision is clear and concise. It’s psychedelic art-rock without pretentiousness, an audio vibrancy that’s as unmatched by any contemporaries if, in fact, they do exist.

These People share the video for “Forces at Work.” The rhythms explored are primal in delivery accentuated by angular guitar riffs, as Penzone’s haunting vocal display dynamically varies throughout. The video itself captures an array of graphic, natural detail and so much more. The single/video is off the forthcoming album expected for release sometime in June, 2021.

Of the “Forces at Work” video, Penzone says “The video is a look into the beauty of nature, mixed with manmade interference. The ending is a highly possible consequence. The song itself is a questioning of existence. Are we experiencing reality or just the greatest cosmic joke?”

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