Video Premiere | The Mad Gear & Spoken Nerd “Poor Farm”

The beauty of music could quite possibly be collaborations and in one city, it seems to be a constant happenstance. That’s Nashville, TN we’re referencing there, the home of country music and southern grit, but we’re not referencing your granddaddy’s Grand Ole Opry or Elvis. No, this is where Hip-Hop’s Spoken Nerd meets The Mad Gear, who create video game-inspired tunes the way maybe Donkey Kong would hear it as he smashes barrels on others. Could there be any other perfect collaboration than this? Possibly. Who knows, but this is sure to pique anyone’s interest with Nerd’s lyrical twists around a 16-bit-inspired background.

The Mad Gear + Spoken Nerd delivers the video for its single “Poor Farm,” which is a reference to the  Milton Bradley board game Life.  The game drives players through a series of life events which include marriage, getting a job, having kids, and even retiring.  In the version that was released back in the 60s,  the players would find their retirement at either Millionaire Acres or the less desirable Poor Farm. It’s not difficult to guess where most end up.