Video Premiere: The Laughing Hearts, “Gold”

The Laughing Hearts’ music channels the energy of classic rock ‘n’ roll and the songwriting sensibilities of modern pop. Coming from a city known for raucous rock shows — from the likes of Twin Peaks, Post Animal, or Rookie — the trio complements insightful songs with a dynamic sound and fiery live performances.  Today, The Laughing Hearts have dropped the video for their single “Gold.”  

Tyler Stock, lead singer/guitarist, said about the video, “We collaborated with our long-time friends with the Visionary Coalition for the video. The treatment was written by Sam Deustch and directed/produced by both Sam and Ammar Annex. We were also able to shoot on location at two awesome area bike shops, Lake Bluff Hub & Cycle and Roberts Cycle Shop Chicago.

We shot the video over two days and had an amazing time. None of us had ever ridden a tandem bike before showing up for the first day of filming but we figured it out pretty quickly. 

The narrative of the video shows how we have too many people in our three-piece rock group. With fewer members, we can ride a tandem bicycle to and from shows — both cutting down on our carbon footprint and giving us the market appeal of an efficient rock n roll duo. That, or we add another member…. and another bicycle…. which comes with its own challenges.

It was a great time working with friends and the shoot itself was a much smoother process than expected. The tennis scene was created on the spot. We needed another transition shot and found ourselves near a tennis court with someone practicing on it who graciously participated in our shenanigans. It really turned out great and is one of my favorite scenes in the video.”

In regard to the single Stock said,  “This song came about while living alone trying to rediscover myself as an individual after what felt like a period of loss. It took me a long time to condense the lyrics into something I was happy with, but the song generally reflects on the way I tend to keep myself in a constant state of motion in order to avoid feeling and processing something.

That is, until it’s all a bit too late and I realize the good times are flying by. I’ve come to realize that the good times are always present and the golden days are never far away. It’s also the first song that I wrote and recorded on the piano, which was a really fun process and changed how we approached recording the song and writing auxiliary parts to layer.”

Stock, Ari Shellist, and Tom Hipchen have been writing music and performing together for nearly a decade. The trio first met in a college jazz ensemble while attending the University of Missouri and quickly began playing in bands together. After each of them returned to their hometown of Chicago following graduation, the trio formed The Laughing Hearts in 2017.

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Photo Courtesy: Spencer Westphalen