Video Premiere: stepmom, “Damage Control”

Last year, Oklahoma City-based stepmom released their first self-titled album that won many over with its punishing orchestral dream-pop tracks.  Singles such as “Take Care” highlighted the band’s messaging of the thoughts and feelings that they have experienced in their lives among others.  Stepmom also spoke up about the disillusionment many faces when society distorts reality at a monumental pace.

Today, stepmom have released their first single since last year’s album titled “Damage Control” along with a stop motion video.  The video is a continuation of the social commentary the band speaks about.  The addictive and manipulative nature of social media as well as the negative effects of advertisements and influencer culture that promote unrealistic beauty standards is an overwhelming topic that stepmom is proud to tackle head-on.

According to the band, the video for “Damage Control” took over a year to create.  Lead singer Lindsey Cox learned how to do stop motion animation by having guidance from Nicole Emmons, who has been doing such work for many years.  Once the shots were completed, the video was headed over to Jay Shropshire, who is the lighting director at Tower Theatre. From there, Shropshire added hand-drawn animations to the video and brought Cox’s vision to what you see today.