Video Premiere: Soultru Shares “Me And Mine”

Out of Davenport, Iowa, Soultru is intent on bridging the gap between the world and his music. The latest offering by Terrance Banks, who is the brainchild behind the moniker, is The Truth: An Acoustic E.P. is a vibrant offering. In its brevity, Soultru is able to offer a wide array of emotions from beginning to its subsequent end. Through his songs, he’s able to weave stories through words effortlessly, with imagery that is surreal. The urgency in his voice is unmatched, and many would fair better if they tried to work as easily as Banks makes it seem.

Today Soultru shares the video to his single “Me and Mine,” a reflective song that comes from the heart and cuts deep for the singer/songwriter.

Soultru offers up: “‘Me and Mine’ is a song that I wrote for my mom and brother, just telling them to keep trying in life. Both have had to deal with mental health issues and my brother overcame going in and out of prison. Just letting them know things will be ok, but also speaking to others that I hope they don’t have to experience the same things we went through. Chances are very slim that it happens nowaday but I can still wish good luck on those that haven’t.”

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