Video Premiere: Results of Adults, “Gas Station”

Throughout the history of collective human culture, we have continually searched for a connective meaning between the instinctual collision of sound and color. For some, this connection is purely metaphorical, and for others, it is an unavoidable and innate sensory experience. For Tym Cornell, the predominant songwriter and founding member of Results of Adults, it is unmistakably both. Growing up immersed in the lush, overgrown landscapes of rural Alabama, from the moment he remembers opening his eyes, Cornell’s life has been guided by an uncannily synesthetic path.

Results of Adults are based in Birmingham, Alabama, and consist of Tym Cornell on vocals, guitar, piano, and an endless assemblage of noise-making devices; his creative partner and wife, Merry Bee Cornell, on bass; and Mark Beasley on drums and percussion. Formed in 2006, they have spent the last decade and a half concocting their own alternative history of psychedelic pop where altered states of consciousness, a Southern outsider folk art tradition, and well-crafted, irresistible songwriting lay happily side by side. 

Following their first two official releases, The Dreamer and Nudis Manibus, they now arrive at their exemplary new piece of Southern-tinged underground psychedelia. Recorded between 2018 and 2020, Interstellar Peach Delight is a more focused and mature work, and the band’s sound feels more cohesive. Shining brighter and bolder than before, it is perhaps a newly found sense of refined direction that provides sonic actualization for all their polychromatic ideas. The record’s hallucinogenic infectiousness connects musical building blocks that effortlessly pass through music genres, as well as space and time. 

Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering Results of Adults’ new video “Gas Station.” This trippy video is the second single from their upcoming studio album Interstellar Peach Delight, out May 7 via Cornelius Chapel Records.

About the track Cornell says, “Love can be a dark alley. Of course it can be beautiful. It can be dark and beautiful even. Or it can be just pure beauty. You can also hold on to unreciprocated love for a very long time. Sometimes nothing will make it go away: drugs, alcohol, endless activities. It can be all consuming.” 

Interstellar Peach Delight comes out May 7 on CD and digitally/streaming formats via Cornelius Chapel Records.

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