Video Premiere: R.E.L. (de Chisme) “Summer Heat”

Last year R.E.L., vocalist and one-half of Hip-Hop outfit CHISME, released his solo effort Summer Heat (Acquired Taste Preferred) with Bryan Hamilton. Lost in the sounds of late 70s R&B and Boom Bap Hip Hop, the album shared an affinity with a cross-cultural flavoring not easily taped together with such ease.

Today R.E.L. shares the new video for the title track. The video is a representation of his journey south of the border, capturing the essence held in Mexico long ago.

Of the video, he offers:

“This is the self-directed, video debut of “Summer Heat.” This video was shot at the Pyramid Of The Sun in Teotihuacan, one hour northeast of Mexico City.  I took a trip down there for my birthday / diez y seis / Mexican Independence Day weekend. On the national holiday, we took a $60 hr uber a bottle of tequila to the pyramids. It was blazing hot, and the tequila & long sleeves were terrible choices. As we were roaming the grounds I had an idea. I hadn’t planned to shoot a video, it just kinda happened. It’s nice to look back at a simpler space and time. This happened and here is the proof.”

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