Video Premiere: Paper Idol, “Seen This All Before”

Los Angeles will always remain a hotbed of talent with artists clawing their way to the surface. Next in line is Paper Idol, the brainchild of auteur Matan KG, who is set to release Mania Days (CloudKid), this Friday, June 25, 2021. Throughout 2020, the former medical-school candidate released a handful of singles, nestled comfortably between pop inflection and dance culture. Switching career paths may have been the right choice for the musician.

With his new EP looming just over the sunset, Paper Idol releases the video for the single “Seen This All Before.” The video opens with 16-bit video game imagery and sounds that blend easily & smoothly into the song itself as keyboards bounce directly off the gaming motif of the video itself as Matan & his cohort Adam Rochelle careen all across the Los Angeles landscapes.

Matan KG offers: “We shot the video in a single day in 2019 while Adam [keyboards]’s brother, Sam, was visiting from out of town. Sam happened to bring his video equipment and was like “you guys wanna shoot a music video?” We went to every possible tourist destination in LA we could think of and just kind of fooled around and sang to people. The song release was delayed due to Covid, which gave us the perfect opportunity to frame it as two guys entering a 2019 simulator. It’s pretty funny – we look younger, there are people out everywhere with no masks, and the famous Echo Park foot sign is still up!”

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