Video Premiere: Nick Flessa “Ditch the Dirtbag”

Art is constantly evolving into forms and styles that may be recognizable but alter perceptions and cross genre boundaries with ease. Around this time last year, Nick Flessa released Hey Partner (Different Pep), a Casio-driven EP, pumped by a drum machine, delivering country-tinged/big band/disco-like compositions that defied pigeonholing. Flessa is set apart from the standard and normalcy of modern-day music as he attempts & succeeds in creating something extravagantly unique.

Flessa delivers the video for the single “Ditch The Dirtbag,” strangely animated and directed by Michael Abitz. The imagery is unsettling as Abitz merges stock footage with funny, yet odd, animation. Of the video and single itself, Nick Flessa offers:

Most days I wake up overwhelmed by the phantasmagoric spectacle of individualist aspiration and self-validation online, ubiquitous across the screens where I make my life and work. Michael and I made this animated video to poke fun at the way the social media clout chase turns us all into dirtbags, and how these grotesque power struggles play out on different electronic devices within sterile, banal settings.