Video Premiere: Mercvrial; “Hsieh Su-Wei”

Mercvrial is a geographically-dispersed recording project based in Rosarito, México.  Combining elements of post-punk, dreampop and neo-psychedelia, Mercvrial aims to draw the listener into an opaque alternate musicverse of sparkling melodies and layered guitarchitecture.  Their debut EP, The Stars, Like Dust, has been widely praised by critics, drawing favorable comparisons to various output from the Creation, Flying Nun and 4AD labels during the ‘80s.  

Today, Mercvrial has released “Hsieh Su-Wei.,” the final video from The Stars, Like Dust.  The single is a driving, reverb-soaked homage to the brilliant, unorthodox Taiwanese tennis profession.  Currently, Hsieh is ranked 1st in doubles and 39th in singles, according to WTA Tennis. With the Australian Open just wrapping up recently, the single’s homage to the athlete is perfect.

“Hsieh Su-Wei is the most unique, unusual player in women’s tennis.  “Her technique, strategy, and shot selection are unlike anyone else’s so she’s very exciting to watch.  You have no idea what she’s going to do next,” David said about the track’s titular subject.  “The lyrics and video are simply homages to her artistry and distinctive approach to what has become a fairly homogenized sport.”