Video Premiere | Loose Opinions, “Yesterday Never Arrives”

Memphis, Tennessee’s multi-instrumentalist and producer Graham Burks, Jr. has always been in the shadows of a shadowy scene, in a city better at producing cult classics than breakthrough stars. He has toured and played with some of his city’s notable garage/psych/punk bands, be it no-wave analog synth with ex-members of Lost Sounds in Sweet Knives, drums for punk veterans Pezz, chamber-pop bass lines with Magic Kids, or experimental electronics as Infinity Stairs. Now, with Loose Opinions, Burks has stepped into the light. Today, Loose Opinions share video for the single off their upcoming album Shadow of a Shadow, “Yesterday Never Arrives.”

Here’s Burks, Jr. on the track: “Late in 2020, after months of being creatively stifled, I sensed that the world was turning the corner towards a brighter day. I found my inspiration, and my “pandemic project” became Shadow of a Shadow, a solo studio album that I wrote, recorded, and produced at home on my own. It follows my journey from frustration and pessimism to inspiration, optimism, and unlocked creativity.

“Yesterday Never Arrives” is the lead single. It recalls that moment where I began to look past the dark times in 2020 that the world was stuck in. I realized that I could let go of the moment, quit obsessing about the present state, and move on.”

Burks wrote and recorded Shadow of a Shadow at home. He played all the instruments, establishing an eclectic palette of layered vocal harmonies, heavily affected guitars, bass, vintage analog synths, live and programmed drums, and the swirl and strum of his rare, vintage Omnichord. The only outside musicians on the album are Memphis horn players Victor Sawyer, Tom Clary, Jim Spake (Lucero), and Bill Bullock, along with a remote contribution from Seattle’s Jeff Waggoner (JERF).

Photo Courtesy: Aaron Brame