Video Premiere: Kafar Myers "Hopeless"

They say youth is wasted on the young but that’s really never the case, at least for the 20-year-old New Jersey native Kafar Myers. While the young rapper has been making his own way releasing music – dropping last year’s Testimony (SoulCounty Records) album, as well as the 8-song Self Privilege release – there’s no slowing down on his end.

The love of music deeply resounds within Myers as he has also works in other mediums, already a published author with two books of poetry under his belt, Soulful of Me and Soulful of More.

Off Self Privilege, Kafar Myers shares the new video for the track “Hopeless,” an introspective rap song that details the highs and lows of Kafar’s quest for Hip-Hop prominence with introspective lyrics like, “I was hopeless. I was down bad at the bottom feeling broken.” He softly raps, “people wishing that I just fall down, but strongly asserts his desire to push forward.

When asked about the music video Kafar offers this about the song and the video directing team:

“Working with Painfully Gifted Visuals was a dope experience. Their creative camera transitions, lighting, and overall concepts depicted my emotions perfectly.”

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