Video Premiere: Clams "Come Back Home"

In some circles, the UK’s Clams could be considered an anomaly. In 2020, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to deviate from the norm, eschewing the status quo, finding itself set far away from anything its contemporaries toss into a blender of bland top 40 sounds. No, the Clams are…different.

Already establishing itself in the UK and Europe, sharing stages with Audioslave and Smashing Pumpkins back in the early 2000s, and catching the ear of James Iha as well as Fountains Of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger, the Clams tear down barriers with its heavy-hitting formidable sound that harks back to days of old, pulling influences from both the UK and the States, ripping them to shreds, and making a racket all its own. The band is ready to do it with the forthcoming full-length release, Stone Lane (Scratchy Records), set for release April 3rd, 2020.

In anticipation of the band’s new album, the Clams share the new video for the single, “Come Back Home,” which is a raunchy no-holds-barred affair filled with crunchy guitars, organs, an unrelenting rhythm section, and Rich Peacock’s gruff and commanding vocals. The video showcases the band in its element within an explosive live performance setting bringing the house down.

Of the video, Peacock offers:

“We wanted the video to be performance-based first and foremost because that is what we’re about, plugging in and playing. The video was shot in Wimborne which is where we first started, so there’s a connection to our roots for sure. The studio is on Stone Lane and it just felt like the right place to do it. We didn’t want to get too fancy with storyboards or anything, we’re not actors! so we just kept it simple and rocked out. I can’t say it was all done totally sober, there was a certain amount of wetting the whistle to get the vibe going”

2020 is sure to be the year of the Clams.

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