Video Premiere: Chamberlain “Red Weather”

Hailing out of Indiana – Bloomington and Indianapolis respectively – the group, made up of David Moore, Adam Rubenstein, Curtis Mead, Clay Snyder, and Charlie Walker have weathered the test of time. While the group’s humblest beginnings started under the Split Lip moniker, with a name and sound change, the band veered away from the post-hardcore punk sound of its early years.

Chamberlain ran its course through the release of its 2000 album Exit 263 but the nail on the band’s proverbial coffin refused to stay closed as the indie band played a mini-Chamberlain reunion in 2008, and toured with other groups in both 2010 and 2011.  In 2018 the band toured briefly, celebrating the 20th anniversary of 1998’s LP, The Moon, My Saddle. This paved the way to announcing new material.

2020 saw the release of Chamberlain’s most realized album to date, Red Weather (Arctic Rodeo Recordings). The atmospheric and expansive release delivered on winding hooks and sweetness, all the while drawing on the band’s experience. The band shares the new video for the album’s title track, one of the release’s highlights.

Of the song/video, Adam Rubenstein offers: We’ve long been admirers of our friend Andy’s social media feed, where he sings duets with his daughter. We were especially touched when they decided to tackle “Red Weather.” During the pandemic and feeling isolated, the two simply wandered out the front door and through their Nashville neighborhood — and let the performance organically unfold. In the spirit of the song itself — it was one that was barely written before the band headed into the studio, and we had little idea what would develop. We’re honored Andy and Clara took the time to put this tribute together.

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