Video Premiere: Badmixday Shares “Viola Section Melanium”

Hailing out of Istanbul shows no limits on how far the reach of music can take someone like Anıl Berk Çetin. He records under the moniker Badmixday and has released an assortment of music throughout the years. Badmixday has released albums, EPs, singles on compilations, and the list could probably go on. While the Turkish musician and electronic composer has released material under that pseudonym, performing, recording, and sharing material under his own name as a DJ doesn’t come as much of a surprise given the strength of his material. But earlier this year, Badmixday released the new album Goya (Dome of Doom) shortly after signing a new record deal. The album explores sounds, deconstructing and realigning expansive landscapes and piecing them together to create something quite unique.

Goya’s explorations dive in deep, allowing it to become derivative unto itself. Of the album, Badmixday shares, “I learned the name “Goya” from a linguist I follow on social media. It is a very strange coincidence that this word was so close to the idea I had in my mind. Its meaning: transporting suspension of disbelief that happens when a story is so realistic that it temporarily becomes reality.” Goya tells my stories in every sense. This is actually in the names I associate with songs. They are all stories with Goya. I named the songs after my own “Goya” feelings. It was all about experiencing personal and social themes. The album talks about how and when I encountered Sufism and how I experienced it, especially with the help of my grandfather. Sometimes, it can trace important memories from my life and of course, the album may also be a reason to escape the personal, social, and political things. It is up to the imagination of the listener to interpret this according to their own free will.”

Now with Goya, Badmixday shares a first look into it the album with the video for the single, “Viola Section Melanium.” It was filmed this year and was directed by Andrei Zaitcev and  Vera Kuznetsova of Caravan Video. The surrealist visuals of “Viola Section Melanium” act as a transportation module to the music of Badmixday, encapsulating the emotive and immersive worlds of his sound with an odd yet strikingly powerful visual. 

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