Video Premiere | Tombstones In Their Eyes “Looking For A Light”

SoCal seems to be all-encompassing of a variety of sights & sounds, and of course not to be ignored are four musicians, John Treanor (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Stephen Striegel (drums, percussion), Josh Drew (bass, guitar), Paul Boutin (guitar, bass) and James Cooper (synths, midi-drum programming). The quartet makes up Los Angeles’ Tombstones In Their Eyes, releasing music together since late October of 2019, elaborately dissecting washes of distorted guitars alongside soaring melodies. The band creates a psychedelic opus from one track to the next, year after year and this alone is no easy feat. Whether you refer back to 2019’s full-length luscious debut Maybe Someday, or even 2020’s Demos Vol 1 or its Collection, you’ll encounter the same thing each time; clever songwriting, swaths of atmosphere, all culminated into songs that will haunt your very soul.

Fast-forward to April of 2021 which saw the release of the group’s Looking For A Light (Kitten Robot Records) over 35 minutes of stunning music, drenched in distortion and focused in its songwriting. Obviously recorded throughout a pandemic but no less powerful than its previously released material. The band delivers its latest effort, the video for the title track itself. The band shares its thoughts on the song and the video itself:

“‘Looking For a Light’ is the gospel according to Tombstones In Their Eyes.  The band’s lyrics often include references to light and darkness, mostly in the form of seeking a way out of darkness. It’s about freedom from depression, freedom from pain, freedom from all those things that bring us down.  Featuring an intro of the only vocals ever recorded outside Kitten Robot Studio, which came from the demo and were deemed by producers Paul Roessler and John Treanor to have a feeling that couldn’t be topped in the studio.  The demo (and song) was also enhanced by James Cooper, one of TITE’s co-founders and behind-the-scenes NYC Oz-like band member, who created the beautiful intro simply by removing some of the instruments and adding a beautiful keyboard segment. 

The video, by our friend, Swedish art filmmaker Maria Magnusson, provides a great complementary backdrop to the song. Made from found footage and not including any rock star shots, it’s perfect and soothing.”