Video Premiere | Spoken Nerd “The Gentlemen”

Nashville, Tennessee has always remained a hotbed for music, particularly country which has never come as a surprise. In the last decade or so, we’ve seen a shift as other artists have surfaced in town, changing the game like Spoken Nerd, Negro Justice, and others. The verbose emcee Spoken Nerd, known to his friends and family as Nathan Conrad, has continued to drop clever rhymes over beats & instruments throughout the past few years, releasing his last album, the dense Grapes back in 2021.

Today he shares the video for the single “The Gentlemen,” which was released last week. The single and video take much from filmmaker Guy Ritchie thematically but it’s all Spoken Nerd, with its driving and forceful rhythm and his hard-edged lyricism. Of the single, Spoken Ned offers:

“I will always remember the day I saw Guy Ritchie’s masterpiece film, The Gentlemen, in the theater. It was a magical Sunday with my family when we followed church with pizza, beer, and a movie. This flick had come with a glowing recommendation from my friend, so we checked into the cinema for an experience that was beyond my already lofty expectations. This was not your average crime flick; this film was action-packed, witty, hilarious, and full of twists and turns. Not only was I amazed, but my wife and mother-in-law were also both enamored by the quality of this motion picture. The Gentlemen is one of the most underrated films of the last 10 years.”