Video Premiere | Spoken Nerd “Bicycle Anthem”

One thing Spoken Nerd doesn’t do is take everything too seriously. 2023 saw the release of Magical Powers, a clever album filled with a variety of darkness, fun-filled beats, and edgy lyricism. Today the Nashville artist delivers the video for the single “Bicycle Anthem.”

According to Spoken Nerd, this song is an “anthem for cyclists.” He expounds on that saying, “I grew up in rural Tennessee, where riding a bicycle wasn’t always looked at kindly. The country segments of the song represent the guys who would yell at me from their big trucks as I would peddle down country roads avoiding angry dogs, potholes, rain, and loud cars. On one particular trip when I was in my early twenties, an elementary school student shot at my friend Miles and me with a BB gun.

Despite the aforementioned troubles, cycling is an amazing experience. Some of my best memories are connected to bicycle rides. I remember going for an aimless ride where I eventually took a random trek through the woods, I ended up in a town full of chain restaurants and shopping malls. Having worked up quite a hunger, I ate at the Olive Garden and went to the movie theater to see the Liam Neeson film, Unknown. I still hold a special place in my heart for that movie. I took the main roads back home, fighting the sun, to make my scheduled band practice. This is the type of day that these rap bars were made of.”

The video was directed by Luke Welchel, of Mecoclub, capturing the vision of the song with a hilarious treatment. The visuals actually showcase the chase and race between Spoken Nerd and his monster truck nemesis.