Video Premiere | Soultru “Done”

Occasionally you do have to march to the beat of your own drum… or guitar, whichever instrument you’re able to get a percussive punch out of. Sometimes, that just might be enough. Soultru is the nom de plum of Terrence Banks, an artist full of life, born and raised in the Midwest. Throughout the past few years Soultru has dropped a number of releases and true to his name, the music has offered a vibrancy and soulfulness that’s unmatched and hasn’t gone unnoticed pulling from a variety of genres like gospel, R&B, soul and much more. Whether performing with his acoustic guitar or backed with a full band, as Soultru, Banks never fails to deliver.

Soultru is a chameleon of sorts that the world might not be prepared for. Today he shares the video for his latest composition, “Done.” The track takes a different approach, expanding on his vocal ability as his rhyme capabilities are offset my his sultry vocals. It seems there’s nothing this classically trained vocalist is unable to accomplish and through “Done,” he’s able to convey that. The song was produced by Nuwaves, the duo of Antione Bellamy and Gustavo Villalpando, while the video was handled by Villalpando himself. Of the single, Soultru shares:

“‘Done’ is a song I wrote to get some of my musical frustrations out of my head. People telling me how the industry is and how I’m supposed to move through it, the politics of it all, people being about themselves and only moving that way. Saying one thing and doing another, I don’t know how many times I’ve had to learn about someone and then pretend not to have a valued source give me the truth about how they move behind closed doors. The supposed allies, those preaching peace, those that get mad at every meaningful situation that hurts someone, but then if something benefits them they’ll ignore just about anything.

I’d go into more details but really, the song does all the talking I truly want to do about it past this. At the end of the day, I’m moving forward in music one way or another and I don’t want things like this derailing the stuff I have going on. I just had something to get off my chest.”

You can find it on streaming services here.

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