Video Premiere | Song Sparrow Research “Other Ideas Go On”

The Great Pacific Northwest has never seemed quite complete. It certainly has had its fill of noisy offerings, from grunge-era bands to indie folk-pop artistry. But it seems there’s always been something…missing. The four-man outfit Song Sparrow Research could possibly fill that void.

While the group hasn’t released a new album in 7 years, since 2015’s Sympathetic Buzz, the group has reconvened for Don’t Look Now which is set to be released this Friday, August 19, 2022. The band weaves together delicate pop songs that hit tenderly but are direct and powerfully voiced, in a graceful manner. Song Sparrow Research plays clever keyboard melodies and builds its structures around it for the most part, with an elegance we haven’t seen in some time. The sound the band creates is rich and inviting, with evocative and pronounced vocal deliveries. Song Sparrow Research shares the new video for its honey-dipped single “Other Ideas Go On.” Singer Hamilton Boyce offers this of the song:

“This was one of the earliest songs written for ‘Don’t Look Now’ – written in one short session with all the lyrics and instrumentation essentially free-styled into a laptop. Most of the songs on the record had fairly extensive revisions, rewrites and modifications from the original idea but this song came down intact as a finished song, with the exception of Hammond organ textures and swirling electric pianos which were added in the studio, which were key timbres in the final recording.”

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