Video Premiere: Warren Dunes, “Cool Mom”

Brothers Jared and Dominic Cortese, along with Julia Massey of Warren Dunes generate musical fantasies with unbridled joy.  Threading indie pop, art-rock, psych, and Tropicalia within their songs, the band allow the songs to be complex yet easy going. 

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Warren Dunes have released a toe-tapping, sonic explosion titled “Cool Mom.”  The single hits close to home for the bandmates, as mentioned by Jared.  “Warren Dunes’ new song, ‘Cool Mom,’ is about just that! Julia, our front woman and matriarch, is the coolest mom for our son, Carl. So, the band together wrote a song to celebrate Julia and moms everywhere. Moms are our first caregivers, our first loved ones. We should be celebrating them every day. So, we hope the new song and video can do that sentiment a bit of justice.”

“Everyone has a different idea of what makes a ‘Cool Mom.’ Some might cringe at the thought, others might laugh. In this video, Warren Dunes hopes to appeal to the cool mom inside us all. The one who flaunts the mullet, dances like nobody’s watching, and wears a bathrobe in the backyard. Here’s to all the Cool Moms out there this Mother’s Day. You’ve always been the one,” added Massey.