Song Premiere: Nick Kizirnis, "Slipping Away"

Nick Kizirnis is in many ways a chameleon, musically.  The ability to freely flow as a musician has given Kizirnis all the confidence in the world to take risks without worry of the outcome.Some of his work includes the exotic surf rock group Nicky Kay Orchestra to the grunge/art-rock efforts in the ever-popular Dayton band cAge.

Now comes what can be one of the most ambitious projects to date for Kizirnis, his solo album The Distance. Recruiting the likes of Kate Wakefield (Lung) Tod Weidner (Motel Beds), Crazy Joe Tritschler and Patrick Himes (Bribing Senators), Kizirnis takes on a smokey, intimate spin around the Americana influences tracks. The result offers up a focus on the collective beautifully.

Today, Kizirnis has released the video for his single “Slipping Away.” “Director Sam Manavis approached me about making a video for “Slipping Away”. He had the idea of featuring several couples in a bar, wallowing in their sorrows and suffering through the breakdown of their relationships. It’s not a story, it’s more like a moment in time. As we talked through the different ideas we had we found that we were both really on the same page. It was great to work with Sam and see ideas like the karaoke scene come to life both during the shoot and then especially in the final edit.”

The Distance is a collection of songs about heartbreak and heartache from different points of view. The album began as a personal songwriting challenge, and when I found that I had a large set of songs but was having trouble finishing them, I tried to imagine what they would sound like if I DIDN’T sing them, or even play them. How would they change? It was something I had never done before and it opened up all sorts of possibilities, especially the chance to work with It was a completely new experience and the most rewarding one I’ve had in all these years of making music.”

Photo courtesy: Jennifer Taylor