Video Premiere | Rob Crow + Kramer “Kerosene”

Seminal indie rocker Rob Crow (Pinback, Heavy Vegetable, Thingy, Optiganally Yours) and Kramer have announced their collaboration with the brand new video for “Kerosene,” their new single. The video was created by Crow himself and does serve as a follow-up for Kramer and his variety of collaborative tracks with Jad Fair & Danielson (“In A Lonely Place“), as well as with Britta Phillips (“Nocturne“). These songs are off the new 7 inch box set entitled Rings of Saturn (Shimmy Disc), a collaborative vinyl series that features six 7″ EPs.

The 7″ releases – at 33rpm – are packaged in an ornate wooden box, distinctive and original. Each record is unique, a “mini-album” collaboration of sorts, between Kramer and an assortment of artists. Each record also has cover photography by William Coupon). Of his collaboration with Kramer, Rob Crow offers:

“A last minute iPhone video for a song off a 7-inch from compilation box of 7 inches. I’ve finally arrived.” – Rob Crow, Maui 2023