Video Premiere | Polyarmory “Thanks Again”

Polyamory; it’s the word based on the Greek and Latin meaning for many loves (literally, poly = many + amore = love). It also doubles as the self-titled release for the group of the same name. The duo, made up of songwriter/vocalist Ashley A. Moore and producer/songwriter/vocalist Michael J Collins, also known as MJC, is set to release its debut July 23, 2021, on MJC’s FilthyBroke Recordings. The label itself never follows a clear-cut style and can’t be easily pigeonholed, just like Polyamory, and that’s what makes this new project so intriguing.

For Polyamory, Moore and MJC take from an innumerable amount of genres. Sounds & styles are culled from electronic, noise, Hip-Hop, industrial, and just about whatever else the duo is able to incorporate in order to create an interesting and unique sound. While no two tracks may sound the same, Polyamory is able to keep its identity fully intact throughout the release.

The band has shared the video for its latest single “Thanks Again,” which will undoubtedly leave many scratching heads. The choppy beats are accentuated by Moore’s one to two-syllable wordplay, which is fittingly placed over the anti-pop, pop music. The track is, without a doubt, infectious and alluring, all the while leaving room for interpretation from beginning to end.

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