Video Premiere | Paul Leary “The Birds Are Dying”

Legends aren’t just made, there’s hard work that’s gone into creating them. Best known as the guitarist for the seminal Austin, Texas rock group Butthole Surfers, Paul Leary’s reach far outstretched its limitations, expanding his horizons for a career lasting over 40 years. Last year Leary released Born Stupid, his first sophomore release to critical acclaim. Originally released back in 1992, The History Of Dogs (Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings) a reissue of Leary’s debut sees the light of day once again, 30 years later.

In celebration of the re-release of The History Of Dogs, Leary shares the video for the single “the Birds Are Dying,” the impressive track filled with strings, free-flowing guitars, samples, and of course Leary’s odd yet distinctive vocal delivery. The animated video was created by Arturo Baston.

Paul Leary on “The Birds Are Dying”:

“Nature is cruel.  We humans have only added to the cruelty. ‘The Birds Are Dying’ came from a dark period of my life.  I still think about those birds, looking for a place to hide.  I, too, was looking for a place to hide.”