Video Premiere | Palm Ghosts, “Beasts”

“Beasts,” the third single from the Escape EP, offers another taste of what Nashville’s Palm Ghosts are planning for Facades (Sweet Cheetah/Poptek) a double LP due later this year. The Escape EP sees release on May 10 and can be pre-saved here.

“‘Beasts’ is about the process of judging other people and how self-righteousness turns you ugly inside and ultimately hurts you in the end,” says Palm Ghosts guitarist/vocalist Benjamin Douglas.

The single, which can be pre-saved here, sees release April 12 and precedes a rigorous 2024 touring schedule, including dates in Indiana and Michigan this week. More tour dates are available here

In mid-March, Palm Ghosts began releasing a series of songs and videos, one at a time, every two weeks, that will end up populating four EPs and ultimately a double LP by the end of the year.

The double LP, Facades, will feature 20 songs that mix genres and moods like no other release in Palm Ghost’s large catalog. The songs will explore topics like religion, cults, love, loss and survival in the modern age. Some with beautiful melodies, some dark and brooding, but 100 percent Palm Ghosts. 

The EPs and double LP will have original artwork by the talented Unexpected Specter, who handles all of the band’s merch designs.

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Photo courtesy of Palm Ghosts.