Video Premiere | No One Sphere, “Where I Was”

Over the span of five years, singer-songwriter Dave Mann has been meticulously exploring every inch of his music to find the perfect sound. The at-times agonizing process will finally come to the light and fulfill its destiny on March 18 when Mann’s project No One Sphere releases Isn’t Everything About Something. Today No One Sphere releases the latest single coming off the album “Where I Was” along with a video. The video splashes incorporate a wild fever dream-like presentation with an explosion of color of imagery, perfect for the vibe “Where I Was” comes off with.

Isn’t Everything About Something is the debut album of the Washington D.C.-based No One Sphere. This release highlights heavy homage to ‘90s alternative/indie rock. Mann worked on the album with Jarrett Nicolay at Mixtape Studios in Alexandria, VA. Mann would send his demos to Nicolay, who would learn the songs and translate them into studio recordings by tracking all of the instruments. Mann would then show up at the studio to record vocals.