Video Premiere | Knuckle Pups, “Soft Attraction”

Self-proclaiming their musical ethos as “soda punk”, Denver-based Knuckle Pups music has magically structured a sound that pushes thoughtful and rich vocal harmonies, ear-catching synth tones, and gritty guitar/bass tones. Oliver Holloway has a panache with curating compelling contemplative, brooding, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Today Knuckle Pups have released the video for the single “Soft Attraction,” which is coming off the band’s upcoming album TV Ready.  Offering three-part harmonies, driving lyrics, and a rhythm section that is utterly intoxicating, “Soft Attraction” in many ways can be viewed as the quintessential example of the up-and-coming band.

TV Ready is slated for release in the spring of this year.