Video Premiere | Juan Cosby “House Painter II”

Cincinnati, Ohio producer and multi-instrumentalist Juan Cosby is a busy man. Just hit the hyperlink of his name and see for yourself. In the past few years, we’ve seen his production work for artists Wonky Tonk, and Spoken Nerd, as well as for his own group Counterfeit Money Machine. Back in 2021 we saw the release of his solo album Quantum Foam which featured Sole, Chris Conde, Happy Tooth, and a number of others. As Cosby eyes the future, it’s actually right now!

Up next, Cosby has pieced together songs for his new album, Polychrome (Grasshopper Juice Records), a 10-song polymath-progressive rock album, which undoubtedly finds him expanding on his signature delivery of sounds, juxtaposing instrumentation with samples that somehow works increasingly well together. Also note, each song is named after a historical polychrome art piece.

Cosby teases the new album with the video for the new single “Housepainter II.” It’s an amazing display of colors, offering a look at how Cosby himself sees sound itself, textured and flowing in perpetual motion. Of the album itself, Juan Cosby offers, “Part of my goal with ‘Polychrome’ was to create something completely by myself. No guest rappers. No sexy sax solos. No face-melting bass lines from my collaborator Chris (Barlow). My intent was to challenge myself in a way I haven’t in years. I am very proud of what came out of it, but I can’t wait to get back to making art with my friends.”

Now while the album is set to be released on June 1, 2023, “Polychrome Deluxe” will release exclusively to Bandcamp the very next day, June 2, with remixes of every song on the album, featuring Ecid, Tangled Branches, Wonky Tonk/Major Darlin’, Deadbeat Donnie, Abby Vice, AP Counterfeit, Quiet Entertainer, Renchler, and Margaret Darling (of The Seedy Seeds); 20 songs in all.

You’re able to pre-save Polychrome here.

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