Video Premiere | Illogic, “Hot Lead”

It doesn’t take much to understand an artist like Jawhar Glass. Throughout the years, performing under the moniker of Illogic, he’s proven himself an integral part of Hip-Hop culture. The fact that there are still so many that are unfamiliar with the verbose lyricist only means the world needs to catch up. With 8 solo albums under his belt, the Columbus, Ohio emcee has honed his skills exponentially as a storyteller, while also ripping mics with his signature flow and cadence. He’s worked with fellow wordsmith Blueprint, who’s produced 3 albums, as well as Blockhead, DJ Criminal, and Ill Poetic just to name a few. Make no mistake, Illogic is a proven artist, one who has shared verses with a number of artists like Slug of Atmosphere, Vast Aire, Aesop Rock, Clouddead, and others but can firmly stand on his own two feet. But Illogic doesn’t live in the past, consistently moving forward.

2020 saw the release of his most realized release to date, Autopilot. It was Ill’s first self-produced album, filled with atmospheric moments strewn across it, layering it with slick verbiage, never eschewing melody. Today he delivers the video for his new single “Hot Lead,” which is off The Transition, Illogic’s 9th studio album set for release on 11/11/2022. With the forthcoming release, he’s again taken the reins to control its direction from beginning to end, and on “Hot Lead,” while not seeming boastful, he breaks down the direction he’s taken. A fresh start for the reinvigorated Illogic.

Of the new single, Illogic offers: “The lead single and “Hot Lead” sets the tone for what to expect from this new offering. This single touches on many topics including thoughts of retirement after Autopilot. Hard-hitting drum breaks and sample chops bring a nostalgic feel to this first single. This is any sign of what the rest of The Transition sounds like.”

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