Video Premiere | Icky Reels “Chunky Gloss”

Adrian Bertolone isn’t a cut-and-paste, sample-happy artist delivering a pastiche of inornate tracks to simply fit one’s perception of electronic music. No, under his memorable Icky Reels moniker, Bertonlone is much more than that. The 2021 release PLIPS found listeners attempting to grasp hold of Icky Reels as he delivered 14 tracks of fluid compositions that never delivered the same song twice while allowing for consistency throughout.

Icky Reels’ flexibility from one track to the next offers a wide array of sonic sculptures that aren’t easily classifiable. It’s everything you may possibly want, and need, in an artist. It isn’t hyperbole, it really is a fact.

Today Icky Reels shares the new video for the single “Chunky Gloss,” a dynamic beat infusion of electronica that’s both soothing and colorful. The video is filled with atmospheric landscapes, space-aged vibes, earthly rock formations, and controlled spaces with liquid metal humanoid-like faces filling spaces. It’s odd, it’s hypnotic, and ends wickedly. This could in of itself allow listeners a look into the mind of Icky Reels, or just offer a glimpse of what’s to come. You decide.

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