Video Premiere | Gentlemen Rogues, “Never The Bride”

Today, Austin’s Gentlemen Rogues share the stunning official video from “Never The Bride,” a track from their recent LP, Surface Noise. The album hit the streets on February 16th via Double Helix /Shifting Sounds.

‘Never the Bride’ is the first song that I’ve ever written that’s sort of about being in a band,” Gentlemen Rogues Danny Dunlap says. “Although that specific subject matter can be alienating to a lot of people, I think the sentiment that’s being expressed in the song is applicable to any artistic or creative pursuit. In short, ‘Never the Bride’ is about feeling underappreciated. It’s about frustration. It’s about feeling as though your creative pursuits are never going to go anywhere, despite giving them what feels like a Herculean effort. The lyric, “We decorate silence with hits almost sure to miss” kinda sums up the defeatist narrative.

“The ‘Never the Bride’ video was made by Andrew Leeper, who we also worked with on our Kids in the Hall homage video for ‘Involuntary Solitary,’ Dunlap adds. Visually speaking, ‘Never the Bride’ looks fairly ’90s inspired, but it also has a little bit of a retro ’60s pop-art vibe. That joint aesthetic is kinda perfect, because in my opinion, the ’60s and the ’90s were the best decades for music. This video cracks me up every single time that I watch it. It’s completely absurd, but in a good way. “

Gentlemen Rogues celebrate aggressive guitar pop anthems — bearing the influences of The Replacements, Superdrag, Jawbreaker, and similar visionaries — and has been gaining momentum and increased attention. Since their debut in 2011, the band has honed their hooks over numerous singles, EPs, and the 2022 full-length collection, A History of Fatalism.

They hit the road again this March (dates below).

March 20 \\ Austin, TX
@ Mohawk w/ Kate Clover

March 21 \\ Las Cruces, NM
@ Eyeconik Records

March 22 \\ Phoenix, AZ
@ Time Out Lounge

March 23 \\ Los Angeles, CA
@ Permanent Records Roadhouse w/ The Pretty Flowers

March 24 \\ Long Beach, CA
@ 4th Street Vine w/ The Pretty Flowers + Sweet Nobody

March 25 \\ Pacifica, CA
@ Winter’s Tavern

March 26 \\ Portland, OR
@ No Fun Bar w/ The Upkeeps

March 27 \\ Seattle, WA
@ Belltown Yacht Club w/ The Drolls + The Subjunctives

March 28 \\ Springfield, OR
@ The Spot

March 29 \\ Reno, NV
@ TBA w/ The Pretty Flowers

March 30 \\ Las Vegas, NV
@ Red Dwarf w/ The Pretty Flowers

March 31 \\ Tucson, AZ
@ Thunder Canyon Brewery

Gentlemen Rogues here.

Photo courtesy of Gentlemen Rogues