Video Premiere | Future Kult, “Hidalgo”

No one would probably have expected to find film composer Sion Trefor of Cardiff, Wales, and art producer Benjamin Zombori of Berlin, Germany living out in a remote river valley in Hidalgo, deep in the Mexican countryside back in 2020. But the duo spent those three months there outlining and forming the debut release for FUTURE KULT, channeling electronic blips alongside spacious guitars, grandiose rhythms, all covered in swaths of melody. This is what the band’s eponymous debut is set to offer, dropping February 11, 2022 (Action Wolf Records/Awal).

In anticipation of the album’s release just a few short months away, the band has delivered its new single with the video for “Hidalgo.” The song itself captures the band’s sonic density throughout, with otherworldly effect. The video itself, set in desert landscapes of Mexico, is filled with hints of danger, with ski-masked lucha libre inspiration. There’s mystery wrapped around FUTURE KULT.

“When we started working on this record, we became aware that the world has become too complex to be fully grasped,” notes Trefor and Zombori. “Surrounded by paranoia, tragedy, extreme tension, and fractured hope, we wanted to create music that courses with everything we feel as humans living in the 2020s.”


Photo: Zombori Art Media