Video Premiere | El No, ‘Do You Money?’

Amsterdam/Ohio’s El No is back with the first single since their 2022 sophomore release, Hoodlums, and their Burn The Edges EP. “Do You Money?” shows the band continuing to perfect their fuzzy art-rock weirdness, as it has a distinct Dayton swagger — think Brainiac — while retaining the underlying pop sensibilities of both modern hip hop, or perhaps a band like, um, Soup Dragons? Flaming Lips? The approach will come as no surprise to those that recognize the members of El No from their tenures in The Amps, Guided By Voices, Bellringer, Robthebank, etc.

Of the song, El No’s Craigo Nichols says, “The catalyst for the lyrics was from the Zelle scammers when you sell things online. They ask ‘Do You Zelle’? My answer, ‘Do you money?’ Nate and I laughed our asses off about that and he took it and ran with it! We recorded it at our home studios in Austin, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio, a few months ago. Then I made the video over the course of the last couple of weeks.”

According to the band, this is the first of a run of singles that they have plans to drop later this year. Look for the singles on their Bandcamp and Spotify.

Photo courtesy of El No