Video Premiere | DJ Criminal “Little Corner” Feat. Illogic

Last month saw the release of DJ Criminal’s The Smuggler’s Candle, an album filled with tracks created off of tracks on vinyl that was smuggled out of various countries. A unique way of creating his soundscapes within the 13-song collection. The album came three years after the release of A Change In Mantra, his collaborative effort with Columbus, OH wordsmith Illogic. With the previous release, the music flowed with ease and accented with Illogic’s key phrasing, the bar was raised.

Throughout The Smuggler’s Candle, DJ Criminal invited a number of artists which included A-F-R-O, Slug, Carnage The Executioner, Akil, Blueprint, and others but it wouldn’t be a party without Illogic. He’s featured on “Little Criminal” and once again the union and melding of artistry is beyond compare. Illogic’s wording is timeless aligned right over the immediacy of Criminal’s hypnotic rhythm and beat.

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