Video Premiere | Catcher “Comparing Saviors And Friends”

With 2022 off on the horizon, there’s hope, and hope springs from the city that never sleeps. As we dive headfirst into the new year, welcomed hints and new singles with post-punk fervor have been eminating through speakers and headphones, steadily picking up steam. Just a few short months ago NYC avant stylers Catchers released four singles, “Yesterday’s Favorite” / “The Skin” and “Only Advice” / “Fallen Stones,” all setting the tone for the band’s new album, set for release sometime in the new year.

The rhythm heavy Brooklyn-based outfit, made up of bassist Cameron McRae, drummer Wilson Chestney, Guitarists Jack Young and Christian Reech, and vocalist Austin Eichler, are able to weave together visceral melodies and dissonance, creating a unique and distinctive blend all their own. The music is desparate while alluring all at once. Adding fuel to the fire the band burns, Catcher shares the video to its new single “Comparing Saviors and Friends.” Through a collage of visual imagery, the band booming & infectious melodies is purged through a dense wall of guitars and rhythmic wallop. Drummer Wilson Chestney offers:

“I think it’s safe to say it’s a single off our LP we’ve recorded that we feel captures our live energy and stands out as one of our more straightforward tracks. When Austin and I originally wrote and demoed it out, we felt it was probably a little too poppy, but once we had the whole band play it their way for a proper recording, it ended up becoming one of our favorites.”

With the coming new year, the band is set to headline its frst tour across the United States along with New York’s Been Stellar as well. Catcher is set to perform its first show of 2022 along with Hello Mary at the Mercury Lounge on Sunday, January 2nd. Information and ticket are available here.

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