VELCROS Share “Hollowed,” Announce debut Album 

VELCROS unveil the new music video for “Hollowed”, the first single off the band’s forthcoming debut album Strange News From the Vault, Set to Release on March 22, 2024. Immerse yourself into “Hollowed”, a raging current that takes you on a transformative journey—from manically down-stroked guitars and whirling drum fills to an otherworldly John Carpenter-inspired hook. Get ready for an odyssey that ends in a mind-bending, psychedelic crescendo!

The band shares:

“When developing the visual concept for ‘Hollowed’, we chose a distinct approach in translating the song visually. While the lyrics explore an outer transformation driven by an inner need, we reversed the video’s theme: the external transformation now poses a threat to the internal. This ambivalence highlights the song’s conflict between having a choice and feeling powerless. ‘It’s alright, whatever you do.’ Or, to quote Celine Dion: ‘There were nights when the wind was so cold / That my body froze in bed / If I just listened to it right outside the window / There were days when the sun was so cruel / That all the tears turned to dust / And I just knew my eyes were drying up forever / It’s all coming back to me now.”