UNIFORM Shares Video, “The Shadow Of God’s Hand”

NYC industrial trailblazers Uniform have released a new video, “The Shadow of God’s Hand” just ahead of embarking on their first U.S. tour since the release of their lauded 2020 heavy-hitter, Shame. Vocalist Michael Berdan explains, “The central theme behind ‘The Shadow of God’s Hand’ is the inherent contradictions present in conventional Christianity. I was brought up with this idea of ‘act right or you’re going to hell.’ I’ve listened to family members as they worried themselves to tears over the fate of a loved one’s soul. To me, the concept of a punitive God is antithetical to the comfort I derive from a spiritual practice. Does God serve to comfort or chastise? Does following Christ’s teachings serve to create a kinder, more equitable world, or have those teachings become so perverted that they simply stand as tools of control? For many, there is a fine line in their belief structure between salvation and damnation. This song attempts to touch on these paradoxes.”