Tropical Fuck Storm Share Video “G.A.F.F.” Announce New Album

Melbourne, Australia’s Tropical Fuck Storm share “G.A.F.F.”, its first single/video for 2021. The single is off the new album Deep States (Joyful Noise Recordings), which is set for release on August 20, 2021. This is the Australian quartet’s third album since The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard (guitar, vocals) & Fiona Kitschin (bass) formed Tropical Fuck Storm with Erica Dunn (keys, guitar, vocals), and Lauren Hammel (drums) in 2017. “G.A.F.F.” buzzes with urgent vocals, bursts of intricate guitar and bass, and sharp lyrics about running out of room to care. This is possibly the band’s most realized work to date.

As the bizarre becomes normative, the fittingly named Tropical Fuck Storm returns with their new album, Deep States. While their previous records, A Laughing Death in Meatspace(2018) and Braindrops(2019) probed consumerist culture, climate change, and U.S. imperialism, Deep States delves into modern-day sociopolitical panic and its many perspectives, with TFS adopting multiple personas, each more eager to court catastrophe than the last. Musically, the album goes wherever it wants, riffing on pop, R&B, Talking Heads-style new wave, Delta blues, Tom Waits, and some of the band’s hip-hop favorites such as Wu-Tang Clan and Missy Elliot. 

“‘Give A Fuck Fatigue’ is an ode to the occasional dispassion brought about by the mandatory concern for every perceived injustice that happens, has happened, and might yet happen that is being foisted upon the masses by super-yacht dwelling tech barons who monetize our indignation.” – Gareth Liddiard