Tropical Fuck Storm Share New Single/Video, “Bumma Sanger”

Australia’s Tropical Fuck Storm presents a new single/video, “Bumma Sanger,” from their forthcoming album, Deep States (Joyful Noise Recordings), out next Friday, August 20th. “Bumma Sanger” is in the same strange vein as previously released tracks “G.A.F.F.” and “New Romeo Agent.” “Bumma Sanger” is anxious and alien, fervent with piercing guitar and murky percussion. Gareth Liddiard straightforwardly sings about the pandemic: “God gave the germs their dominion // you gotta wonder what he was thinking // but that is that  // this was supposed to be a summer banger // but it’s just another bumma sanger // how you going with the cabin fever?” (For reference, “sanger” is Australian slang for “sandwich”). 

Gareth elaborates: “You can’t go anywhere or do anything during a lockdown but I was watching TV during a seance with Winston Churchill and an advert made by an interstellar travel agency came on offering an affordable holiday to a tropical beachside resort on a planet in a different galaxy.