The Brkn Record Shares Video “On the Daily (feat Ugochi Nwaogwugwu)”

The Heliocentrics’ Jake Ferguson shares the first single “On The Daily” off of his debut solo project as The Brkn Record. “On the Daily” is the electrifying single on the forthcoming album The Architecture Of Oppression Part 1 (Mr Bongo), a ground-breaking concept album set for release on July 29. The release is a critical journey through the eyes of black Britons, blending powerful and sobering narratives with psychedelic and soulful symphonies.

Featuring the Chicagoan singer, poet, and educator, the lead single ‘On The Daily’ details the everyday psychological struggle and strength required simply to live under white supremacy; Ugochi Nwaogwugwu guests, singing with shades of Massive Attack vocalist Shara Nelson over a jazz-inflected beat. Ugochi describes this song as an “attempt to express the degree of power, resilience and focus it takes to be black and in this world. So many forces trying to take our peace of heart and mind. Though the battle rages on, those on the frontline win when we keep our poise and expose the perpetrators of racism and white terrorism.”