Sun Kil Moon Live At Hyde Street Studios

Last week Sun Kil Moon, the primary recording moniker of vocalist and guitarist Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters), performed a set at San Francisco’s Hyde Street Studios. This took place on Apr 2nd where Kozelek sang and played guitar with Chris Connolly on piano.

Like many artists and businesses, Hyde Street is attempting to survive in uncertain times but the studio continues to safely produce music. With the Sun Kil Moon performance, Kozelek and Connolly share a melancholia, sountracking the first quarter of 2020.

Night Talks ( at 0:00 )
This Is My Town ( at 6:30 )
God Bless Ohio ( at 24:50 )
Somehow The Wonder Of Life Prevails (16:05)
Ceiling Gazing ( at 33:45 )

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