Sufjan Stevens Shares “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” 

Sufjan Stevens releases his new single/video, “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?,” from his highly anticipated forthcoming album, Javelin (Asthmatic Kitty Records), out October 6th. Javelin bridges all of Stevens’ approaches like never before, and “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” synthesizes the acoustic intimacy of his early work with the orchestral and electronic grandeur of his most recent. Following lead single “So You Are Tired,” named Best New Track by Pitchfork for its “effortless elegance,” “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” offers another heart-shattering glimpse at Javelin’s vulnerable contours. Beginning with just finger-plucked strings and Stevens’ inimitable voice, “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” reaches one of the most cathartic heights of his diverse discography: “Will anybody ever love me?/For good reasons/Without grievance, not for sport/Will anybody ever love me?/In every season/Pledge allegiance to my heart/Pledge allegiance to my burning heart.”

On the self-produced “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?,” Stevens plays every instrument with additional vocals from adrienne maree brown, Hannah Cohen, and Megan Lui. Comments from each on working with Stevens are below, along with additional thoughts from the “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” video director and longtime Stevens collaborator, Stephen Halker.

“This piece serves as an exploration into the intricate landscapes of the human psyche, akin to an open invitation to wander through the vast emotional domains of the mind. It illustrates the journey from surface-level facades to the profound yearnings, vulnerabilities, and fixations that reside within the human heart. I was playing with this concept by putting these two-dimensional collaged icons into three-dimensional spaces that slowly become less and less tethered to the real world. We can never truly know each other, we all just live with our own somewhat flattened interpretations of those around us. The less we are deeply known, the less we can be deeply loved. Will anybody ever love me?  I don’t know.” – Stephen Halker