Spoken Nerd Shares “Lunchable Blues” Feat. Adder

Nathan Conrad is unapologetically Spoken Nerd, your favorite rapper out of Nashville whose lyrics can revolve around horror films, sci-fi, and an assortment of subjects not many are willing to tackle. Today he shares the video for his latest single “Lunchable Blues,” which features cohort Adder. The track is the second single off of Spoken Nerd’s forthcoming release Magical Powers.

About the song and video, Spoken Nerd offers, “The song is an anthem of embracing friendship and differences as we reflect on our high school years. The song is produced by Nate Zensen and features Adder. Adder came to Nashville at the beginning of last summer to celebrate the release of kidDEAD’s final album. We shot this video with  Mecoclub and caught up on life. I was explaining to him that I would go to the gym but I had all these ‘totally legitimate’ setbacks that were keeping me from it. He called me out on it and said, ‘sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.’ I renewed my membership the next week and have been swimming regularly ever since. As I begin my assignments for my 3rd semester at Nashville State, I look back on these summer memories and give thanks that I had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.