Spirit In the Room Shares “I Used To Be A Machine”

Spirit In The Room unveil the video for the track “I Used To Be A Machine.” The brain-bending clip comes in celebration of the band’s long-awaited new EP, Flamingo, out today via Housecore Records.

If you ever wondered what goes on in the head of a film noir hitman, horror novel asylum inmate, or a golden age silver screen villain, it might sound something like Spirit In The Room. The vision of Louisiana-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dennis R. Sanders unfurls through cigarette smoke, cheap booze, and distortion like an anachronistic fever dream soundtracked by a collision of gothic vocal hues, immersive alternative architecture, and jarring metallic catharsis. It’s scary at times.

It’s sad at other times. However, it’s always unpredictable — especially on Spirit In The Room’s 2022 debut EP for Housecore Records, Flamingo. “Flamingo is a character,” notes Sanders. “It could be anybody who lives a chaotic-slash-exotic lifestyle. There has been a bird presence in my family for the longest time. You’ve seen flamingos; they’re beautiful and strange. Flamingo could be a stripper or an errand boy for some really scandalous entity. To me, Flamingo is just very after hours.”