Sonny & The Sunsets Share Video “Too Young To Burn,” Announce New Album

Sonny & the Sunset’s vintage-style west coast pop songs tell sordid tales of death, drowning, outcasts, heavenly visions, and otherworldly despair. This was captured in its purest form on their 2009 debut album Tomorrow is Alright, which still radiates with a classic yet indefinable sound, akin to a futuristic take 50’s R&B. Today Fat Possum announces the long-awaited vinyl release of Tomorrow is Alright, out September 24th. Coming off the heels of the recently acclaimed new Sonny & the Sunsets LP New Day With New Possibilities, and having have released eight official records with an often radical exploration of different sounds ranging from country to post-punk, it’s a fitting reminder of the impressive range of the project.

Fresh off being featured in Netflix’s Outer Banks, the anthemic “Too Young To Burn” gets a 2021 video treatment packed with behind-the-scenes archival footage of the Bay Area music scene circa 2009, and featuring some distinct personalities that helped make the scene so vibrant

Sonny describes the new video: “Here is a video that is sentimental, that is really nice to watch. And this song I have played seventeen different ways and it continues to have some life. In the early days of touring I didn’t want to play it, because I didn’t want to be defined by it I guess, but after a while that wore off and I just came to enjoy it. I always thought of this Sonny & the Sunsets music thing more as a project or loose collective or even a portal more than a band. But if a Canadian border guard waves your van to the side and asks you what you are up to, you don’t want to say ‘oh we’re just a portal’. But it has been a beautiful portal to friendships and music and adventure and an experience of a certain kind of life on earth. At its best people have been able to come and go as their life phases and interests dictate. Some had to go raise families, some had to get on with their own careers, some came and went and came back again. And went again. Like I said, this song has been played 17 different ways over the years, and this ‘band’ has had 564 different musicians in it. I’m so glad Ryan was able to compile this. We could probably make fifteen videos like this and six or seven just of the drummers alone.”