Slenderbodies Share Video “Heartbeat”

With their hotly anticipated new project are we? set for release next Friday the 21st, multi-million streaming indie-pop duo slenderbodies today reveal the heartwrenching video for their recently revealed single. “Heartbeat.”  A video featuring two brothers living to survive in a gang-stricken area of Mexico, the film carries with it an important message.

slenderbodies offers:

“This video is deeply emotional, raw, beautiful, and ultimately gut-wrenching. director Savannah Setten brought us this story after hearing heartbeat, and filmed it in a neighborhood called La Indepencia, in the heart of Monterrey, MX. after receiving the final cut, our perspective was expanded regarding socio-political and economic issues in parts of the world that we are not familiar with. as two creators coming from a place of privilege, we deliberated on how we would share this. This is a content warning, this video contains violence, children living in extreme conditions, loss & grief. that being said, it is an extremely powerful exploration of the human condition. our hope is that this video will affect you as it has affected us. we hope it will inspire you to open your heart and eyes, ears to issues happening locally and globally. we hope you may consider donating to one of the charities we have included, or one of your choosing. we hope that you see the value of community, and strive for love and closeness in your own neighborhood, even amongst differences and hardship. A special thanks to the community of La Indepencia, Cerro de Campagna in Monterrey, MX. we recognize that the struggles and extreme hardship portrayed in this video are not ours to claim. we are grateful to the community in this video for allowing us to use our platform to show this story.”