SERVICE (Russell Simins Ex-JSBX), Shares “Hey”

Hey is about feeling out of step in a world that prioritizes “likes” and “follows” over in-person interaction and real intimacy. Most people are engaging only in a performative way and mostly via social media, as opposed to experiencing soul-to-soul, real-life exchanges of art, philosophy, and creative ideas. We often feel left behind and alienated in this climate, but are proud of maintaining our integrity and commitment to our own vision. We never want to make this kind of complaint without doing it in a self-deprecating and humorous manner. (For example, Jilly sings, “In an age of affection, I’m the mailman.”) This high-energy song with a big beat, chaotic guitar, and hooky chorus makes this kind of insecure confession into a damn fun rock and roll song. 

SERVICE is an urgent, howling, earnest rock and roll band, steadily cementing their reputation as a great live act, ahead of releasing their debut album, Drag Me (Let’s Pretend Records) on May 6, 2022. Started in the Manhattan apartment of renowned drummer Russell Simins, SERVICE now lives in Indianapolis, home of the other two core members, Jilly Weiss (We Are Hex) and Mitch Geisinger. The band sums up their sound with the quip, “post-punk then punk again,” which reflects their smart, self-deprecating lyrics as much as the music.

Jilly is an iconic front person with the boastful confidence of Nick Cave or Mark E. Smith, combined with the sort of confessional sincerity of PJ Harvey. Mitch’s wild guitar manipulations recount the Birthday Party and Butthole Surfers with an array of effects the Liars would admire. At the helm from behind the kit is Russell Simins, best known best for his tenure in NYC staple rock outfit, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Simins’ uniquely hard-driving, powerful beats give SERVICE their huge sound.