Sash Drops Video For New Single “THIN ICE”

Emerging hip-hop artist Sash proves that winter isn’t over yet with chilling new single “THIN ICE.” The track was produced with Apex Martin (Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, G-Eazy) and Mike Dean (Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Travis Scott) and comes after last month’s single “ROSSI.”. His upcoming project builds on the universe established in his debut project, Bittersweet, which was released to widespread acclaim.

“THIN ICE” combines delicate piano riffs with thundering bass to create a horror-inspired sound. The infectious beat paired with Sash’s suave vocals culminates in a fast-paced track which reflects the uneasy feeling of the song. The accompanying music video brings more mystery and depth to the track, featuring Sash playing a game of chess against himself. Sash describes the single as “a song about the uncertainty or unpredictability of life on the move. Making a home out of wherever you go rather than a home in a certain location. Never staying put and finding comfortability in the unknown – like a walk on a lake that is frozen over with a thin sheet of ice.”

Sash’s innate ability to blend classic and modern sounds stems from his upbringing on the Lower East Side. As a seventh generation New Yorker, Sash pulls much of his inspiration from the city – namely the moodiness and sophistication of 1970’s jazz clubs and film noir. His father was also a major musical influence, raising Sash on his extensive hip-hop vinyl collection. Sash channels both of these styles in his music, videos, and overall aesthetic as he builds out his artistic landscape.

Photo Courtesy: Diego Andrade