Robert Forster (The Go-Betweens) Shares “Tender Years”

Robert Forster, the former singer-songwriter for The Go-Betweens has just released the new video for his single “Tender Years.” The track is the second single off the new album, The Candle And The Flame (Tapete Records) set to be released on February 3rd, 2023. Robert Forster offers some background here:

“Five weeks ago on a Sunday night I wrote of ‘She’s A Fighter’. Since then, it has been a great joy for Karin and I to see the song travel, and the reception it has received on its way. And now I wish to announce the release of a second single from ‘The Candle And The Flame’. It’s called ‘Tender Years’. Before the song and accompanying video appear on Wednesday, November 23, I would like to give you a little background information. ‘She’s A Fighter’ was the only song I wrote after Karin’s diagnosis in early July 2021. The other eight songs on the new album were written before – over the previous three years. I think this is important or handy to know when you hear ‘Tender Years’ and absorb the video.”  – Robert Forster   

The Candle And The Flame is acclaimed Australian singer–songwriter Robert Forster’s 8th solo album. It’s an album where Forster has taken a very different path in creating than with his previous works. The first single was titled ‘She’s A Fighter’. It revealed only part of what became a journey of creating music with family and friends with a need to find joy and solace in the face of adversity. Robert explains: “‘She’s A Fighter’ is the last song I wrote for The Candle And The Flame album. I wrote the music for it in June 2021. I liked the tune and the quick energy of the song, but I didn’t know yet what it was going to be about. In early July, Karin Bäumler, my wife and musical companion for thirty-two years, received a cancer diagnosis. In late July, with a series of chemotherapy sessions about to begin, Karin talked of fighting for her health and a path through chemotherapy to recovery. The phrase, ’She’s A Fighter’ came to me.”